"What a surprise - no hidden costs! And they were flexible regarding additional service requests. We'd use them again."R.J. Stienstra - Bridge Printing and Promotional Products
"As soon as snow hits the ground, their guys are there. We've been very pleased with the response time."Michelle Trina - Liberman Management
"The service issues we had with other snow removal services have disappeared. My parking lots are cleared, and my tenants are happy."Ryan DApril - DAprile Realty


Barrington Snow removal The public works department has over 50 miles of streets to clear the snow and ice. State trucks plow major roads including Northwest Highway, Ela, Barrington, and parts of Rt. 59 and Lake-Cook. The goal is to have all streets cleared within a 24 hour period of when the snow stops. To accomplish this the city is split into four zones. Within the zones priorities are given to each street. Trucks start with emergency zones and major streets and then work toward side streets and cul-de-sacs. Depending on the storm the routes may change to accommodate top priorities. Driveways and sidewalks It is the responsibility of the homeowner to have all snow removed from the sidewalk in fron of their property within 24 hours of the end of a storm. With as many driveways there are in the village the city does not have the equiptment to clear the bottom of each driveway. It is recommended that homeowners wait to clear the bottom of the driveway until the city has made their final pass on the street. This is to avoid having to shovel multiple times. For any emergency during a snow storm please call 911. For all other questions please contact Public Works at (847) 381-7903