"What a surprise - no hidden costs! And they were flexible regarding additional service requests. We'd use them again."R.J. Stienstra - Bridge Printing and Promotional Products
"As soon as snow hits the ground, their guys are there. We've been very pleased with the response time."Michelle Trina - Liberman Management
"The service issues we had with other snow removal services have disappeared. My parking lots are cleared, and my tenants are happy."Ryan DApril - DAprile Realty


Chicago Municipal Code 4-4-310 and 10-8-180 require property owners to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of their properties.

Citizens can call 311 to report a location where sidewalks have not been cleared of snow.

The City of Chicago will continue its annual sidewalk snow clearance campaign to increase pedestrian safety.  The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Council (MPAC) are continuing efforts to encourage sidewalk snow removal by businesses and residents.  CDOT has promoted sidewalk snow removal for several years, and last winter expanded its efforts with two initiatives:

1. Informational door hangers with a message encouraging sidewalk shoveling.  The door hangers were mailed to aldermanic offices and dozens of business and community groups throughout the city, for distribution throughout neighborhoods.  They are also used by CDOT public way inspectors responding to 311 calls about unshoveled sidewalks.

The door hangers are intended as a friendly reminder, asking residents to shovel their sidewalks and offer assistance to anyone physically unable to clear their own sidewalks.

2.  A Sidewalk Snow Clearance campaign to recognize businesses that do an outstanding job of clearing snow and ice from nearby sidewalks. Awards are based on nominations from neighbors and customers.

“Many people rely on walking and transit as their primary way to get around, and without a wide, clear path through snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, seniors and children to walk safely,” said CDOT Acting Commissioner Thomas H. Powers.

Snow Removal Tips

Every year hundreds of people injure their backs, or worse, by removing snow. Snow removal may be a necessity, but it is also a physical activity that should be carefully undertaken. Here are some tips to prevent injuries and help you enjoy the winter. Follow these safety tips from the National Safety Council:
  • Dress warmly, paying special attention to feet, hands, nose and ears.
  • Avoid shoveling snow if you are out of shape. If you have a history of heart trouble, do not shovel snow unless your doctor says it's okay.
  • Do light warm-up exercises and stretches before shoveling and take frequent breaks.
  • If possible, push snow in front of you. If you have to lift it, pick up small amounts and lift with your legs, not your back. Do not toss snow over your shoulder or to the side.
  • Don't drink alcohol before or while shoveling snow. Never smoke while shoveling.
  • Use rock salt or de-icing compounds to remove ice from steps, walkways and sidewalks. Sand placed on walkways may also help prevent slipping.

If you use a snow blower, follow these safety guidelines:

  • Read the owner's manual before starting your snow blower. Make sure you understand all the recommended safety steps.
  • Make sure all people and pets are out of the way before you begin.
  • Do not put your hand in the snow blower to remove impacted snow or debris. Turn the machine off and wait a few seconds. Then use a stick or broom handle to remove the material.
  • Do not leave the snow blower unattended when it is running.
  • Never let a child operate a snow blower.
  • Fill up with fuel before you start when the engine is cool.

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