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Lake Forest

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The Streets Section has a proactive approach to snow fighting operations through the effective use of manpower, equipment, chemicals and technology.

Ice Control: 

The City's ice control operations will commence when hazardous conditions begin to develop. The objective of The City's ice control operation is to respond to icing conditions and slick roadways with equipment and personnel sufficient to adequately control conditions within 30 minutes during normal working hours and within 60 minutes after normal working hours. 

Snow Plowing: 

The City's snow plowing operation will commence when the accumulation of snow on streets reaches two inches or as weather conditions warrant. 

All City streets are plowed according to a master plan which assigns first priority to major arterials. The eleven designated snow routes and three cul-de-sac routes cover 240 lane miles of street. The goal is to remove snow from all streets within six hours after the conclusion of a snowfall.

Should snow accumulate in excess of three inches, the length of time to remove the snow from the streets may increase dependent upon the intensity and duration of the storm. 

Citizen Responsibilities: 

Whether you plow your own driveway or have a service, be sure that snow from your driveway is not left on the street.

Local Ordinance: 

Section 40-1-1413 - Depositing Injurious Material on Highway: (d) No person shall shovel, plow or otherwise place snow or cause or permit the shoveling, plowing, or placing of snow, from a private driveway, parking lot, or other private property upon any highway, street or sidewalk so as to hinder, obstruct, impede or otherwise interfere in any way with the movement of traffic upon any street, highway or sidewalk. If said snow is not immediately moved or removed by the owner, occupant or agent so placing it on the street, highway or sidewalk after being advised by an authorized official or police officer to do so, then the City may charge the same with any expenses which may be incurred by the City in the removal thereof. 

Such expenses shall be collected by the City by suit or otherwise in addition to a fine or penalty as set forth in this Chapter. $75 fine for each occurrence City removal costs Chemicals Used: Rock salt Salt brine Calcium chloride Advantages of Pre-Wetted Salt: Salt must find moisture before it can begin to work. 

To increase salts effectiveness, Streets Section trucks carry liquid that is mixed with the salt prior to pavement application. Wet salt has an oatmeal-type composition that sticks to the pavement better. This process decreases the amount of salt by 30%, which when in a dry state, would bounce onto the parkway and impact turf and shrubbery. Greater amounts of salt left on the pavement increases the salt's effectiveness in fighting snow and ice precipitation. 

Mailbox Repair from Snow Plow Damage:

If it is determined that a City snowplow caused damage to a properly placed and secure mailbox, and it is called into the Public Works Department at 847-810-3542 within 48 hours of damage, we will: 

  • Repair the damage or Replace the post with a standard 4x4 treated pole 
  • Replace the box with a standard issued Federal regulation black box 
  • Reimburse the resident up to $50.00 toward the purchase and installation of a replacement if a receipt is submitted. 
The City is not responsible for improperly placed or insecure installations. For more information on proper placement of mailboxes, contact 847-810-3542. 

Snow Plowing - Parking Lots: 

City parking lot plowing is coordinated through the Parks Section 847-810-3566. 

The objective is to plow and consolidate snow in parking lots prior to 7:00 a.m., Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. Saturday; and 10:00 a.m. Sunday. 

Snow that has been pushed into parking areas shall be removed whenever possible within 48 hours after the conclusion of the snowfall event. 

Snow Plowing - Sidewalks: 

Sidewalk plowing operations are coordinated through the Water/Sewer Section 847-810-3570. 

Plowing will commence when the accumulation of snow has reached four inches. The objective is to plow sidewalks within a quarter mile radius of schools and the Central Business District by 7:00 a.m., Monday - Friday. Main arterial and residential sidewalks will be completed within 48 hours of the conclusion of a snow event. Snow that is obstructing sidewalk corners will be cleared within 48 hours after the conclusion of a snow event.