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Wilmette Snow Removal Snow and Ice Control The Snow & Ice Control Program was established to combat winter storms while maintaining public safety and preventing damage to life and property. Plowing operations commence after 2” of snow accumulation. Salting operations will continue during plowing until conditions deem it unnecessary or ineffective. The priorities for plowing and/or salting operations, listed in order are as follows: 1. Arterial Streets Opening and maintaining the condition of Arterial Streets is the main priority in all plowing operations. Arterial streets are normally plowed and salted with either one truck or two trucks running tandem. 2. Business / Commuter Sidewalk Routes These routes are the first sidewalks plowed and salted. Whenever possible, the commuter sidewalk routes are completed by 6:00 a.m. and the business sidewalk routes completed by 8:00 a.m. This operation occurs simultaneously with the arterial streets. 3. School Sidewalk Routes High priority sidewalks near school zones have been designated and will be plowed after 2” of accumulation, when school is in session. The school crossing guard locations and crosswalks will be plowed and salted when school is in session. 4. Side Streets These are plowed after 2” of accumulation and after plowing and salting operations have concluded along the arterial streets. Normally, only side street intersections are salted, but the entire street can be salted if conditions dictate. 5. Cul-de-sacs These are plowed after 2” of accumulation in conjunction with the plowing of side streets. Village crews plow after 2" of accumulation, whereas the Village's private contractor plows after 4" of accumulation. 6. Parking Lots The plowing of public parking lots is performed by the Village's private contractor. The contractor plows after 2” of accumulation, while Village crews salt all public parking lots after they have been plowed. 7. Residential Sidewalks/Carriage Walks All residential sidewalks (excluding business/commuter and school routes) are plowed after 4" of accumulation. This operation is completed within 48-72 hours after the storm has ended. 8. Alleys These are plowed after 4” of accumulation and after all side-streets have been plowed. 9. Bus Shelters These areas are cleared and salted as needed after 4” of accumulation. 10. Clearing Commercial Districts These areas are cleared of snow when the accumulation of snow creates a hazard for pedestrians using the district. The operation entails removing snow from the “transition zone” adjacent to the curb by pushing all of this snow into the parking area. Public Works Department 847-853-7500 (7:00am - 3:00pm) After-hours Emergency No. 847-256-1200 711 Laramie Avenue Wilmette, IL 60091 E-mail: pubworks@wilmette.com