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Highland Park

Highland Park Snow Removal Each year, the City’s Public Works Department prepares for expected snow and ice storms. To help residents better understand snow removal operations, the answers to a series of frequently asked questions follow: When does the City respond to an ice or snow problem? The City maintains contact with both a local weather forecasting service and a modem-accessed weather radar system. This combination forewarns the Department of storms so that employees can be either on-site or prepared to respond before the storm arrives. Public Safety personnel work closely with Public Works to identify specific salting needs. Can residents park on the street during the winter? By City Code, residents may park on streets except between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM, from December 1st through March 31st. However, to permit City plows to most effectively clear City streets, it is recommended that residents avoid parking on the street during any significant snow fall until after the Department has completed its snow removal operations. When are specific streets plowed? While the answer is weather-influenced, under normal conditions all streets are plowed at least once within the first 6 hours of a 3-inch snowfall. It is important to note that initial operations are staged simultaneously throughout the City, and that plows may need to make multiple passes along streets to move snow to the curb. Depending on a storm’s magnitude, response time will vary. Regardless, snow removal will continue until all streets are passable and all parking areas have been cleared. Residents interested in the methods and procedures the Public Works Department follows during snow events may download a PDF version of the 2009-2010 Snow and Ice Control Manual.Enclosed in the document are many images that show both street plow routes and areas where sidewalks are plowed. Why do plows occasionally fill driveway approaches? Plows need to make multiple passes to push snow back to the curbs. Because all streets need to be cleared, plows initially traverse the center of each street so cars can travel in both directions. After this has been accomplished City-wide, the plows return to push the snow back to the curbs. This is done so that melting snow can enter the storm sewers and drain away. Typically, it is during these two plowing intervals that homeowners shovel their driveways. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the trucks to plow and not fill in driveway areas. There are approximately 10,000 residential driveways in Highland Park. Where should residents call in an emergency? The police dispatcher is always available at (847) 432-7730. If storm conditions become extreme, Public Works will activate the Emergency Communications Center at 1150 Half Day Road (Phone: 847-432-0807). In addition, all plowing vehicles maintain continuous two-way radio communication with the Police Department. Contact Information For further information related to snow and ice control in the City of Highland Park, call the Public Works Department switchboard at (847) 432-0807. http://www.cityhpil.com/pdf/SNOWANDICECONTROLMANUAL2009-2010.pdf