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The Village of Norridge Snow Removal The Village of Norridge Public Works Department is responsible for plowing all the streets and alleys within the Village boundaries. It is the goal of the Public Works Department to plow the streets in a timely fashion in order to ensure the safety of motorists, residents, and pedestrians. In Norridge, our snow plowing fleet is comprised of:6 Main Plows4 Pick-Ups1 Bobcat1 Front End Loader2 Back HoesWhen a snowstorm first hits, the Superintendent of Public Works will dispatch the crews to all sections and alleys to begin plowing. The first streets to be plowed are the main arterial roads-Montrose Avenue and Canfield Avenue. Please remember that Harlem Avenue, Irving Park Road, Cumberland Avenue, Lawrence Avenue and Forest Preserve Drive are Illinois Department of Transportation streets, and are plowed by IDOT. In the event of a bad storm, the Village may post information on the cable network or contact you using the Connect-Cty system with important information. Norridge has approximately 39.02 miles of streets and 5 miles of alleys. Our plows could possibly make several trips down your street in the attempt to keep it clear. This may result in snow being thrown back into your driveway after you have shoveled it. This is unavoidable, and if possible, please wait until the snow has stopped and the plows have been through before you clear your driveway. This will eliminate the need to shovel your driveway more than once. In order to effective clean the streets after a snow fall, or to do routine street maintenance, the Village of Norridge has year round street maintenance days. On your regularly scheduled street maintenance day (signs are posted on your streets) you will have to move your car during the hours of 8-1. The only exception to this rule is if your street maintenance day falls on one of the six (6) Village Holidays: • New Year’s Day • Memorial Day • Fourth of July • Labor Day • Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day On these holidays ONLY, you will not have to move your car. If we receive a large amount of snow, please remember to shovel around your fire hydrant. This will aid the Fire Department in the event of an emergency. Public Works has labeled the street in front of a hydrant with a “ T” , but in the event of snowstorm, this might be difficult to see. Did you know the Village uses on average 600 of tons of salt per year. FAQ’sQ: Do the street maintenance regulations still apply during a snowstorm?A: Yes, the street maintenance regulations still apply during a snowstorm. Public Works uses these designated days to clean snow from curb to curb. Q: Once the plow comes by my residence can I move my car back onto the street?A: The Village recommends you keep your vehicle off the street for as long as possible during a snowstorm. The plows may make multiple passes down the street during a storm and fewer vehicles make it easier for the driver to plow. Q: Why does snow get dumped in the apron of the driveway? A: When the plow goes down the street, it is inevitable that snow will be dumped into the driveway. The reason this occurs is because of how the snow rolls off the end of the plow. Turning the direction of the plow is not an option. Q: When Public Works plows my alley, why does the snow get pushed up against the garage door?A: When the plow goes down the alley, it is inevitable that the snow will be dumped against the garage. Q: If I have a doctor’s appointment, will the Village come and plow my street, alley, or driveway first?A: The Village does not give any special exceptions for this type of reason. It may be necessary to cancel your appointment. Violation of "No Parking—Snow Removal if Three Inches or More of Snow Has Fallen" signs 25.00 Sec. 94-188. - Snow on streets. A. It shall be unlawful, where parking is not otherwise prohibited, for any person to stop, stand or park or leave unattended a motor vehicle on any public street in the village, after three inches of snow have fallen, until the snow has been removed. B. All motor vehicles in violation of the provisions of this section will be subject to being towed away at the owner's expense.