"What a surprise - no hidden costs! And they were flexible regarding additional service requests. We'd use them again."R.J. Stienstra - Bridge Printing and Promotional Products
"As soon as snow hits the ground, their guys are there. We've been very pleased with the response time."Michelle Trina - Liberman Management
"The service issues we had with other snow removal services have disappeared. My parking lots are cleared, and my tenants are happy."Ryan DApril - DAprile Realty

Blizzard of 2011

This snow season and the “Blizzard of 2011” presented many challenges for us all.  Great dedication from all of our team members helped us succeed with each of them.  During the blizzard our business model and teamwork helped us to complete 95% of our contracted obligations only six hours after the snow stopped.  This made our fleet available to service many of our competitors’ facilities and rescue Chicagolands stranded motorists.   Success with the blizzard, as well as the entire season, confirmed we can handle anything that falls on us.





“During the Blizzard of 2011 Snowpusher was able to keep our facility open.  As a result, our company was able to pick up 40% more inbound freight.”                                                                                        


“You did a great job keeping us open 24/7.  As a result of your performance during the blizzard we will be giving you the opportunity to bid on more properties.  Keep up the good work!”


“Being a not-for-profit organization, Snowpusher was willing to work with us on pricing and has provided wonderful service in its alerts and plowing.  We’re pleased to partner with them.”          


“Snowpusher will have our business for years to come.  Thank you for your quick response during the blizzard with the additional stores that were not under contract.  You helped us out a lot.”

Transtar Logistics

“Now that the winter season is finally over, I have time to reflect on the service you provided our company.  I realize the size of our lot and obstacles may have been challenging for your plows, but you came through when it counted.  Our business was not negatively affected by the enormous amount of snowfall due to your due diligence.  I actually liked the e-mail reminders of coming weather conditions.  The fact that you had dropped everything for us when we had icing issues really helped me keep the tenants satisfied.  Thank you.  Hope to see you next year.”

W.W. Grainger

“I appreciate your immediate attention to our need, and give a "shout out" to the driver that plowed our lot. He was efficient and accommodating.”

W.W. Grainger

“I also want to thank you and your team for responding with such short notice.  You guys were awesome!!!!  We were able to open our doors on time.  Please feel free to submit a quote for 2011/2012 season.”