"What a surprise - no hidden costs! And they were flexible regarding additional service requests. We'd use them again."R.J. Stienstra - Bridge Printing and Promotional Products
"As soon as snow hits the ground, their guys are there. We've been very pleased with the response time."Michelle Trina - Liberman Management
"The service issues we had with other snow removal services have disappeared. My parking lots are cleared, and my tenants are happy."Ryan DApril - DAprile Realty


Deerfield Snow Removal Prompt removal of snow is important in the Village of Deerfield. Our first priority is to keep all main streets open for emergency vehicles and residential use. Once this has been accomplished, our Street Division then plows residential streets, followed by dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs, and finally alleyways. After an accumulation of 3 inches of snow, parking is prohibited on any street for a period of twenty four (24) hours after the snow has stopped falling. If snow removal is still needed after that period, parking is prohibited until operations are completed. We ask all residents to help in the effort and not clear their driveways by returning snow to the street. Our objective is to maintain a safe and snow-free road system. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 847.317.7245. Sec. 22-71. No Parking; Snow Removal: It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street in the village or in any "village parking lot", as defined in section 22-129 of this chapter, after a snowfall of three inches (3") or more has occurred. Said restriction shall remain in effect for a period of twenty four (24) hours or until such streets or parking lots have been cleared. (Ord. 0-79-78, 12-3-1979)