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Lake Zurich

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An effective snow plan is one of the most favorable public relations tools in the industry today. Every fall, the Village of Lake Zurich Snow and Ice Control Plan is reviewed and revised where applicable. Lake Zurich employees are proud to deliver the hard work and the long hours spent in making the roadways safe for those traveling through their city. Should you have questions, please call the villiage at (847) 540-1696.

Should your mailbox become damaged during a snow storm, please call (847) 540-1696 to fill out a report.

Salting Priorities:

1. Traffic controlled intersection
2. Railroad crossings
3. Overpasses and underpasses
4. Steep grades
5. Local subdivision streets and cul-de-sacs

Snow Plowing Priorities:

1. Arterial roadways
2. Main thorough fares
3. Roadways adjacent to schools
4. Bus routes
5. Local residential collection streets
6. Side streets and cul-de-sacs

Goals & Resources:

The goal established for Lake Zurich Public Works Department is to have all streets cleared and pavement in a safe condition within eight hours after the snow event has substantially subsided. To accomplish this goal, all resources within the divisions of the Public Works Department and contractor personnel will be utilized. The department uses fifteen trucks available for snow fighting operations. This amounts to approximately fifteen lane miles per vehicle.

Their equipment alone will not produce “snow and ice free” streets; the use of deicers is required. The most common de-icing is rock salt, (sodium chloride). This salt is very effective and economical in helping to remove snow and ice.

Ordinance No. 20001-07-109

The Village has adopted an Ordinance – Ordinance No. 2001-07-109, which prohibits parking on Village streets during times of two or more inches of snowfall. The parking of unattended vehicles on public streets during significant snowstorms or other severe weather is a serious nuisance that inhibits the Village’s ability to maintain the streets in a passable and safe manner.