"What a surprise - no hidden costs! And they were flexible regarding additional service requests. We'd use them again."R.J. Stienstra - Bridge Printing and Promotional Products
"As soon as snow hits the ground, their guys are there. We've been very pleased with the response time."Michelle Trina - Liberman Management
"The service issues we had with other snow removal services have disappeared. My parking lots are cleared, and my tenants are happy."Ryan DApril - DAprile Realty

Hoffman Estates

Hoffman Estates The Department’s Snow & Ice Control Program provides snow removal and ice control for 157 center lane miles, 362 cul-de-sacs, 10 parking lots, and sidewalks adjacent to all Village buildings. Snow and Ice operations are to insure all Village streets are cleared of snow/ice within 14 hours after snow has stopped for any given snowfall amount. 16 large salting/plowing dump trucks, 20 smaller plowing trucks, one Village owned and three rented front-end loaders, and the entire Public Works team support this program. This includes utilization of contractor services if necessary. Each fall employees are trained and refresher trained in proper snow and ice control. By November 1st, all snow and ice control associated vehicles and equipment are prepared and readied for snow and ice control. Installation of all predetermined snow fence is installed by November 15th of each year. State of the art Nexrad weather radar access to keep on top of the weather situation is monitored throughout the winter season. Snow Plowing Plowing begins when two (2) inches or more of snowfall has accumulated. Tips on Keeping Your Driveway Clear When clearing snow from your driveway, here’s the best way to help prevent snow shoveled from the driveway from being re-deposited back into your driveway from plow trucks. Shovel snow in the direction of traffic and try to make a pocket on the opposite side of the driveway, as shown. By doing so, snow that has accumulated on the plow will be dumped into that pocket and not back on your driveway. Mailboxes The Village replaces mailboxes that have been damaged through direct contact with a snow plow, if the original mailbox was installed in compliance with Village regulations. If your mailbox is struck, a temporary repair will be made so that you can continue to receive mail delivery. When winter ends, and the ground thaws, final repairs will be made. If replacement of the mailbox or post is required, a standard metal size mailbox and 4x4 wooded wolmanized post kit will be utilized. All final mailbox repairs are typically completed by early spring. Please contact Public Works at 847-490-6800. Please click here for Village regulations. If there is a fire hydrant in front of your home, please try to clear the snow around the hydrant. It is there for your protection and that of your neighbors.